My grandpa is 92 years old with mild Dementia and is in a nursing home. Prior to being moved to the nursing home he was living in assisted living but his condition became to difficult for the employees to handle. My mom (his daughter) wants to take my grandfather to his house that he lived in for a visit but I am worried this might have a negative impact on him. Is it a good or bad idea to bring my grandfather back to his house?

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I'd avoid it unless he insists on doing so. Most likely seeing the old house will just serve to confuse him and upset him. I can see why your mom wants him to see it "one last time" for sentimental reasons, but that doesn't sound like the best approach for him, especially considering the Alzheimer’s disease.

If I'm understanding this right, he's already moved twice - once from his home to AL, and then to a nursing home. For someone that age - especially someone with dementia - that's a lot of changing of environment. He may think he's moving back to the house, or that he should move back. His reaction is hard to predict but it’s risky in my opinion.

I can't say for sure it would have a negative effect, of course, but I think you are right to question it. If I were in this situation, I would not do it.

Good luck whichever way it goes,
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