She is 86, was working 3 days a week, living alone and still driving her car daily before the accident. She suffered a severely broken arm and dislocated elbow, along with a cracked pelvis.

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My mother had two programs of rehabilitation. The first after she broke her shoulder in which the goals were set too low on the basis that she was already 86 years old. Rehabilitation was limited to less than a half-dozen in-home hours. As a result, she barely used her left arm. More than three years later she was in rehabilitation for three months, coming back from essentially total incapacity, and was better than ever. Find out what the end goal of the rehab is and ensure that you communicate her prior level of function. She should be returned to that if at all possible.
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What a strong and independent woman you have there! I would imagine her doctor and physical therapist would be able to give you that info.

IMHO with what you described, this lady will probably do better than most her age. Give her a hug....that is how I want to be when I grow up.

Speedy recovery and best wishes for you both.
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