The client's family has told me to not let the client see her mail, for fear she will lose it. Is it legal to do this? I don't feel it's right to keep someone from seeing their own mail.

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If the family doesn't want her seeing mail because she might lose important papers, then that mail should not come to her home. They can have the addresses changed to go directly to the person that deals with it.

I think the most important thing to know is, does she WANT to see her mail? Is she waiting for something in particular? Does she wonder if anyone ever sends her cards? Does she worry because she doesn't see any? My husband periodically asks if I've paid the utility bill, usually soon after something has happened that makes him wonder about utilities. I tell him yes and he's happy.

My husband doesn't do anything about the mail, but he checks it every day. He doesn't understand very well how much money is worth anymore, but he opens the bank statement occasionally just to make sure we have some. Of course, I was in charge of balancing the books before his dementia, so he always gives the mail to me afterwards.

A second question is, is she at risk of buying things she doesn't need because she saw an ad for it in the mail? If so, the family should make sure she doesn't have access to credit or debit cards, because she could do that from TV ads just as easily.

Personally, I think that going thru mail might be a good "chore" for a loved one, as long as you collect the important papers right after she sees them and put them away (or hide them before you show her the unimportant mail so she's not reminded about bills she might feel aren't being paid or are "too expensive" in her eyes). She might like to check the grocery store flyers for sales on things she likes. She might like to see the fashion catalogs or department store ads. My husband likes to check out the bathing suit ads in the clothing catalogs--hey, he's a guy.
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I hope not! I don't deliver mail that I fear might cause concern or problems. Most mail here hits the recycle bin fast.
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