While trying to help an elderly friend, I have become involved in a mother/ daughter dispute. Three days prior to having knee surgery, my 74 year old friend fell and broke her arm. After the surgery, I took her home after her release. Knowing she couldn't stay be herself, I called her primary care physican to enlist his help to get her in a rehab facility. Her daughter is very angry that her mother doesn't want to move close to her and phone calls often result in tears and mean words. (Her daughter lives 600 miles away.) Because of a recent visit and things that have been said by her daughter, I'm afraid to even take her to the doctor. Can her daughter take legal action against me for helping her mom? She has an out of town doctor's appointment, Monday, and has nobody to take her- I'm not sure what to do,

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The daughter would have no reason to sue unless you harmed her mother in some way, such as having a wreck. If the mother is competent, she can choose who helps her. Maybe the daughter is just upset, because as long as a friend is helping her mother, it is harder to talk the mother into moving. What kind of things did the daughter accuse you of? I would think she should be grateful.
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