She has gotten worse over the past 2 years and I am afraid if something happens (Heart attack, falling etc.) when I don't have medical info. for her, could I get sued if something goes wrong. I have done this willingly in the past but it seems that her children do not see that she is getting worse. What should I do? Help please.

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There could be some technical issues if you're being paid gas or compensated in some way - it could be construed that you're providing transportation on a "for hire" basis. This is an issue with which I'm not that familiar now, so I don't know for sure whether it would apply as there are some legal technicalities that would need to be researched and determined by an attorney.

The other issue is a good samaritan one, and whether or not there would be liability on that level if anything happened to her.

(These are concepts that I've encountered along the way when working for attorneys).

My bigger concern, however, would be that you're in a position of providing services w/o knowledge of her medical conditions or authority to do anything about them. The good samaritan issue and possible obligations are also legal technicalities.

Are her children in the picture at all? Do they visit, keep in contact? Are they local? What's the relationship between them and this woman?

One way you can get more information on potential liability is to (a) ask your insurance agent what obligations you might have as a voluntary provider of transportation, and (b) ask the local police department if you have obligation or liability if she becomes ill or injured while in your company. It might be that your obligation would be limited to calling for emergency help.

I do recall reading about a good samaritan being sued, but I don't recall details of the case.

Once you have your answers, you can e-mail or write the family and advise them of the situation, and make it clear that you cannot continue to provide transportation, nor will you accept any potential liability.

Lastly, you can research your local public transit agency to see if it provides handicapped, paratransit or door to door transportation. That might be the better option all around if the family doesn't step up to the task.

It seems as though some level of family involvement is desired, not just for transportation though.
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Yes you could be sued, What you should do? Tell her kids and let them deal with it. You can take comfort that they were notified.
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