Do I need to talk to a lawyer, CPA, assisted living facility administration who can let me know the legalities of selling my moms house and her needing to go to an assisted living facility for her care? Mom has been with me for three years now and has Alz along with other health issues. She still knows who I am but needs care in bathing, dressing, feeding and transferring from wheelchair to bed or chair etc.... its a HEARTBREAKER because I thought I could handle taking care of her but through AD support groups and the AD association came to see that one day I would prob need to place her in a home to care for AD and I feel she is coming very close( with out giving you details). It's coming to where I am unable to continue with out totally disrupting my own life and hurting myself and still have two older teens at home. I am in the midst of selling her house( I have POA and Med POA) in order to pay off her home equity loan which we used to pay some of her medical bills ( she broke her hip a year ago then was in rehab for three months) along with other medical bills, and any outstanding credit cards and what is left over to use for a facility for her which won't last very long and even if I didn't pay those bills off the sell of her house would STILL not last very long for a facility so I was waiting until absolutely couldn't handle her any more but now some is saying I have to be careful what I do with the sell of her house and the money from the sell so now I am confused and not even sure WHO would be the right one to talk to. I asked should it be a lawyer for senior rights or a CPA or who?? I could really use some help on this one as it is really trying to stress me out more than I already am. They said she has to be absolute destitute for Medicare to kick in at all but not if she has a house or just sold it. So I am trying to figure out what is the correct way to handle this whole situation Thanks

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I think you should consult an attorney whose specialty is elder law. Gather up all of paperwork concerning Mother's finances, debts, value of home, mortgage, etc. before you go.
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