My MIL has advanced Mac Deg. and my husband and I both work full time. She has Mac Deg. and is legally blind. If something happens to her when she's home alone such as slip and fall can we get into trouble with APS?

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The blind do it all the time. If your Mom-in-law has adjusted to being legally blind and can still fend for herself... without other age related declines... there is no reason why she can't still stay home alone.

But if you are worried, as per the sound of your post, why not hire someone to spent part of the day with Mom-in-law, or if there is an adult day care nearby you can let her stay there.

The big question, does your Mom-in-law feel conformable being on her own all day?
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Can she contact help if shee needs to? Does she carry a cell phone with in her pocket? Can she get out if there is a fire?

I find it interesting that your question is not " is she safe" but " will we be in trouble".

What is the real issue here? Are you trying to get her to sign up for AL and she is resisting?
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What do her doctors say? Have you been advised by anyone that she is considered "at risk"? I would assume given your discription, it would be dangerous to leave her alone.
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