My mom is 97 and is recovering from a gi bleed and almost 2 months in the hospital. she is receiving physical therapy and occupational therapy. we have only been here 2 days so it's very hard to say how she is progressing but after her swingbed time is up (her time that medicare and supplemental insurance will pay) we have to make a decision whether to admit her or take her home. I don't want her to be unhappy so I will do what i need to do. (I was caring for her in my home before illness) She is still in her right mind so it will be very hard for me to leave her there if she doesn't adjust well. she says she is not happy any where so it doesn't matter. I hoping therapy will help her attitude as she is a very social person if she will allow herself to be. being realistic though, i know they can only do so much for her at her age. What do you think?

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Only 2 days of the 100 allowed by Medicare is way too soon to tell about how she is progressing. Time will tell, but you are right to be thinking ahead.

What does her doctor recommend?

Are you healthy enough to take care of her at home?

Safe and cared for are more realistic goals than happy.

Would an anti-depressant help her outlook?

I wish you the best.

Let us know how things work out.
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