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Beverly that really depends on whether your caree is a danger to themself or your house or if there is wandering potential.

If you are a caregiver that needs respite time to live your own life, try checking with your local senior services agency, they may be able to help. You may want to check out adult day care and/or respite care. Your state agency on aging can assist (in some extreme cases there is funding available). This site has a ton fo info: that might help.
I also have a Ruthie, she goes to the senior center daily which is essential to both our sanities.
Good luck!
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If you feel they are safe and make sure you write why you feel this because somebusybody may call APS and if that happens you do not have to answer any of their questions and make sure you know their title -I though I was dealing with a social worker and it turned out to be a caseworker who had no right being out is the field and their visit was unfounded the nurse who reported me was from a medicare agency who wanted him in nursing home and this man was able to do heavy yard work when he wanted to and could get in and outside by himself and he was a verbal abuser-they have no power just a big ego-if it happened again I would have called the police.
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