My dad is 79 years old and has a leaking heart valve. He has type 2 diabeties. Many years ago he had an ulcer in his stomach burst and was hospitalized. He has continued to have bouts of his ulcer acting up. He gets winded after a small about of excertion. (shortness of breath). He is now waking up with an upset stomach. He has been taking alkeselzer a couple of times a day. He refuses to get medical care because he thinks the test, care, etc is all about the doctors and hospital making money. He has type 2 diabeties, horrible diet, takes oral medication for it. takes BP medicine and has great BP. Here is my question; If his upset stomach is related to his leaky heart valve . How does a leaky heart valve create an upset stomach?? Is it enlarged and pressed on something that causes the upset stomach?

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Lots of things can cause upset stomach, including "horrible diet."

Obviously what is needed here is a professional medical evaluation.What isn't so obvious is how to get him to do that. Since medical costs are a hot button for Father, could you reason with him the "you've paid into Medicare since they dreamed it up. Now it is time for you to get something back from the system. Let Medicare pay for the doctors and the tests. You deserve it."

Good luck!
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