the name of the agency, and online is total home health inc out of tampa. in the future I will need to sue them. I currently have a lawyer working on getting the patient, a family member, emergency temporary guardianship. there is an emergency guardian currently for the patients finances and his new wife, the caregiver that was hired, is taking care of him. once the case is settled and all the lawyers are paid, thousands of dollars already.i want to sue the agency that hired her. within 60 days she had a visa card from his in her name, bought a house, added her on. bought two cars, all using his credit. his credit rating was 790 or 780, it's now 533. they got married, and she quickly divorced her husband to do it. this never did a background check, she has several domestic violence actions against and with her, she did the same thing to her grandfather, deed transfer , credit, took money etc. my lawyer did write them a letter but no response from them. the case is still in the courts for the competency of the family member. also the doctor that recommended this agency is a big shot with them too, and the patient, my family member, also saw this doctor. he knew everything going on, credit card access, spending almost 60,000 all on credit for 2 cars, and this marriage---oh and it's a 50 year difference. the case is still pending but wonder what I can do later on against the agency.

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flquestion, wish I could give you advise, but what you wrote is too complex to figure out. Let your lawyer run through the maze.
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