Lately my mom (77) has been having severe diarrhea. Should I be worried?

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Should *you* be worried?

Surely it's your mother who should be worried. Is she reluctant to see a doctor, does she not agree there's a problem, is she mentally impaired and you are responsible for her care, or what?
Brelee, it is not uncommon for when a person to age, to become intolerant of dairy products.

My Dad had this issue, and since we didn't know what was the cause it was trial and error. I had Dad use Lactaid products instead of regular milk [taste the same], and lo and behold it was the dairy products doing the tap dance on his stomach. Dad also had to eliminate cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream [except for Lactaid ice cream].

Or did your Mom start taking a new medicine. Antibiotics are known to cause stomach distress.

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