I am a private and independent caregiver for an 89 year old woman. I have worked for her for 3 years, and I just love her so much. Even if she is mean & cranky a lot. My landlord has met my employer, and we all had dinner together. He knows alot about my job, and what I do for my boss. Now, he has tried to entice me into leaving my present employer to come to work for him. He's very active and healthy mentally and physically. He doesn't even need a caregiver! But, he is making the offer very tempting, and hard to pass up. I feel so loyal to my present employer. I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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He doesn't need a caregiver, but he is willing to pay you well to do ... what?

I think your options are
1) Say, "That is a very generous offer and I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I am committed to my present employer as long as she needs me."
2) Say, "You do not need the kind of services I provide. Please do not bring this up again."
3) Just say No.
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Option 1. JUST SAY NO. This is most likely nothing but a come on. Option 2. Think long and hard, and do the RIGHT thing, not the tempting thing, and you are much less likely to suffer painful regrets and will keep your integrity. Giving care to a person who does not need it, instead of one who does, will not ever feel right even if the pay is better. Just my $0.02 - there may be details that make a big difference, feel free to share more!
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