Can a landlord ask an elderly couple to leave their rented apartment?

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The short answer is "probably" but this may depend on the laws in your State.
I would say start looking for and getting them on the list for subsidized housing if they qualify financially.
Pay a visit to your local Eldercare agency as they will know about local tenants rights. if they have a lease it may also depend on the wording. Start with agency which is free before involving a lawyer or legal aide before spending money.
Try googling tenant's rights for your State
Could you give us more details? What type of apartment situation? Private apartment in someone's home, or senior living apartment, or Assisted Living complex.

The landlord can ask a tenant to leave if they are in violation of the Lease, such as late rent payments... smoking inside the unit.... a pet that is not allowed.... if the police are called to the apartment for domestic issues, etc.
If this is an Independent Living or Assisted living apartment there may often be a clause that can force a move if the tenant's health declines and they need a higher level of care.
Thank you for the quick response. My father is 80 and his companion girlfriend is 80. Her son in law is renting a small house on his property to them and since both are growing older with more health problems, (kidneys, heart and the onset of forgetfulness for both) he has told my father to leave. It is fine with me but it is causing a lot of stress on their part. It is pretty low on the son in laws' part to kick out two '80 year olds' in the middle of the winter........thanks again.
They have never been late on payments. No pets. No smoking. My dad rents at the Jersey shore for two weeks every summer and her whole entire family go and stay for free and dad buys all the food and provides for the whole two weeks everything. Basically, they are not nice people and I am glad they are leaving. It is just a landlord who doesn't want to help them and never has and is looking down the road for himself. My dad is okay with leaving. It is just that the fact it is happening and they have no reason to ask them to leave now in the middle of the winter. I will be moving him out physically in the next two weeks.....can't wait to get him out of there......
I would check with tenant's rights in your area, generally there has to be a written notice of eviction and a minimum or 30 days notice. Unless the landlord wants to do extensive renovations before the summer I can't imagine there is any reason for him to try to push them out in a hurry... know your rights and take the time to find an appropriate place.
Denali, let me get this straight, it's your father's girlfriend's daughter's husband who wants your father and girlfriend to leave. What does the daughter have to say?

Is there a written Lease on the property, what are the terms, is it a year Lease or more, or is the Lease now in month to month? The Landlord should give your father and the girlfriend a written explanation as to why he is breaking the Lease.

Most Leases have 60 to 90 days notice of moving, either given by the Landlord or by the Tenant.
Yes, that is correct. She doesn't say anything as both are just collecting rent and don't want to have to be bothered in case something happens to either one of them. My dad walks with a walker and she is not sure where she is sometimes and is losing her mind. They are wicked people and have mooched off my dad for 5 years. My dad will help anyone and everyone and always has. He has been taken advantage of by this girlfriend and her daughter (and her husband and 3 boys for the past 5 years) and her worthless husband. I am ready to get my dad out... its been awful to the point that its hard to visit him at times. Hopefully it will end soon. Thanks for checking in with me!

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