I'm sorry I have a new question. My mother is bed ridden and she has a wound on her coccyx and it had healed. She was wearing a Catheter but he had to take it out because it kept causing problems but now that she is wearing diaper I am having a hard time keeping her coccyx dry and the wound opened back up. What can I do? My mother lays on her back so when she has to go to the bathroom it goes to her bottom and it opened her wound back up. I would like to know if there is any way to prevent that from happening. We move her but she always goes back on her back.

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I am a person who doesn't believe in diapers in bed. Adults can really soak a diaper down and it is held next to the skin until they are changed. If it is overnight, this can do a lot of damage to the skin and cause terrible ulceration. I know that you know these things already.

Something I learned from my handicapped rabbits is to use heavy duty incontinence pads covered with a fleece pad. No diaper! The person will still be lying on top of the urine, which is not the greatest idea, but the fleece pad will help wick the moisture away to the incontinence pad and help the person stay a bit dryer. Incontinence pads are different in the amount of moisture they will hold. Look for the ones that will take a good soaking. has many available that won't break the bank too badly. I wouldn't get the kind that covers the whole bed -- too hard to change. The pads you can slide under your mother easily and have extensions you can tuck under the mattress would probably be best.
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