Hi. My mom's aide is finding it difficult giving my mom a weekly bath during this cold NY weather we are having. She warms up the bathroom prior to her taking it. Afterwards my mom, who is called even in warmer weather, complains that the heat in the house must be off. Any suggestions for bathing techniques/tips to avoid this? She uses a stool in a standard bathtub with a new hose extender sprayer which she likes. The baseboard heating in her average size bathroom is working fine. I will have to double check the windows next time I am there for any drafts, I have not noticed any in the past.

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In addition to the whole house heat, I use a portable electric heater. It looks like a small box and does a great job. I like the idea of heating the towels too.

If mom is cold all the time, perhaps you can use the small heater close to her to heat the area she is in without having to heat the entire house. They generally have thermostats built in so that you can adjust as needed.

Also, if there are windows in the bathroom, there will be a heat transference, whether you feel it or not. Be sure there are drape or curtain window coverings, not just venetian blinds or shutters. You can even temporarily thumbtack a sheet or something over the window. It will help more than you think.

Older people have such thin skin and thin blood that they just feel the cold more than younger people do.
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My parents also get cold bathing. We turned the heat up in the whole house to get it toasty as possible when it's time for a bath, then do the same thing you do. We have forced air heating, so we can put the towel over the vent so it can be toasty warm when it comes time for drying. If your mother has a clothes dryer, perhaps the aide can put it in during the bath so it will be warm. Besides doing these things, I don't know what else can be done. Fortunately, it is just a temporary discomfort.
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