How do I keep my Mom from being bored? -

How do I keep my Mom from being bored?


My mom lives with me and is in a power chair. Her mind is still very sharp but she gets bored a lot and cannot do a lot of things she use to do like sewing knitting and even laundry. I have total responsibility of our household and her. I also work full time and love to do artwork which I haven't had time due to all my responsibility. How am I to help her and also stay happy and peaceful myself? Any and all advise is desperately needed.

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Would assited living or elder day care be an option? There she would be around other people and most places have lots of activities for elders.
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Have a look at this article:

Would an iPad or similar tablet be something your mother could use? Has she had any computer experience? If her mind is sharp could she learn to use this?

My son would have been bored out of his mind while recovering from an accident if it hadn't been for his electronic devices. He could use a power chair but had limited mobility otherwise. He was confined to one floor of his house, and that wasn't where his favorite activities were. But with his computer and iPad and cell phone he kept up with friends, television series, movies, music, games, and even did his insurance claims. Maybe you could give mother tasks, like "try to find a recipe that uses artichokes and hamburger" to work on while you work. Or even if she only used it to view pictures of her niece's vacation and play solitaire, it might be a good anti-boredom tool!

This was not a suitable option for either my mother or my husband, both of whom had dementia and learning would have been too difficult and frustrating for them. But if your mother is still mentally sharp, give this some consideration.
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