Needs to use this only bathroom for toilet and sink. Caregiver is bathing him twice a week but 5 minutes after the caregiver leaves he is climbing back into the tub or often in the middle of the night when he needs to get up to use the toilet.
Fire dep't has been called 4 times now to get him out of the tub.
Any ideas?

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Cwillie, excellent ideas, especially commode for nighttime use as well as the monitors. There could also be a monitor or even something like a bell on the bathroom door.

I was wondering if a children or animal proof gate such as those used to block access to basements could be laid across the bathtub as well? There might be a way to just attach it via a metallic lock.

I think I would add over the side grab bars to the bathtub - that may help him get out if he does get in.
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Is he living with you? You will probably need to start assisting with his bathroom needs. At night the easiest would be to get a portable bedside commode and keep the bathroom door locked. If he balks at that you will need a baby monitor or some type of motion device to alert you he is getting up. Do you keep the shower chair in the tub when not in use?
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Can you block the tub in some way?

My first thoughts would be to cut out a piece of plywood and place it over the tub, with a side board on the exterior side and a clamp inserted so it can be screwed to the side of the tub, but that would take some effort as well as the space to create it and the labor to attach it.

What else could you put over or in the tub to prevent access? If you put a portable garden chair (such as those lightweight Adirondack chairs), could he lift it out or would it stop him? Does he have a shower chair, and if not, could he use one? If so, and if you can afford it, that might block his access.

I'm wondering if he's confusing the tub with the toilet?
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