For insurance bundling purposes, Mom and I put both our names on titles of both our old cars. We're thinking about buying a better car as part of her Medicaid spend down (and turning in both our old cars). It will likely be our only opportunity to have a decent, reliable car.

She can't put my name on the title if she spends her money, or it becomes a 'gift' in terms of Medicaid look-back laws. As long as she lives at home, I do all the driving. When she has to move to a nursing home (or ADF) where transportaion is provided, do I lose the car? Does she have to sell it to help pay back long-term care expenses. Maybe buying a car is a bad way to use her money? If I use the car to take her places some of the time, can I still keep it? We live in WA state.

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I personally think you should be able to keep the car, and if your worried about your mom's name being on the title then maybe she would sign the title over to you. If not then sell the car, and the next car make sure its your name only. Especially if your worried her money will get in a bind over the medicaid. I hope it all works out. We all need relaible transportaiton in this world!!!
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