Journaling for doctor to determine dementia in mother. How do I begin?


How does one actually begin a journal, Mom is having memory recall issues,time,dates,I have told Dr about situations, he will not believe me or doesnt want to, Dr is also a friend of my parents.(dad passed in jan 2013)mom still not accepting she states I see your dad he sleeps with at nite,Stated that Dad came over and they went for a walk,She fixed his favorite lunch. On a note If mom is wandering she has mobility issues(wheeeled walker)Macular Degeneration w ith Diabetic Retinophy. 70 % deaf. I am a only child and caretaker, a Home aide comes in 2x month. I do the rest Thank you taking the time to read this.

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Hi skyisblue,
I'd begin by just being very practical. Start by entering exactly what you wrote here (maybe leave out the part about the doctor being a friend and all). Note each time your mom is not "in reality" or has memory issues.

I agree that some of her behavior is likely from grief. But an emotional shock, such as your dad's death, could have pushed her over into a later stage of dementia where the symptoms now are obvious. Dementia takes decades to develop, but any trauma can push the person further into the disease.

Do take her (and your journal) to a neurologist who has no family connection. I think, with all of her medical problems, that your time as a sole caregiver (with only a little help twice a month) are nearing an end. You'll need more in-home care or to start looking for a nursing home for your mother. There is only so much you can cope with.

Take care of yourself by getting more help. You can provide more support for your mother if you are healthy.
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oops neurologist i meant.....
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I wonder if this could be a part of grieving behavior? Or combination with dementia? I know my mom symptoms/actions really became apparent when my father died. She has Depression & Dementia. Maybe a neurologist or second opinion. We took my mom to neurolist who did a "mental test" (questions& Quizzed her) to help determine her memory loss cause. Good luck & God Bless!
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