My thinking gets confused and think if I rent a place for 10 years, then I am all out of money?? So what's the right thing now??

Cyril, glad you are thinking into the future. Depending on the equity in your home, you could get the help of a financial planner who would help that equity grow, be it low risk stocks, mutual funds or bonds. Then you can have the dividends sent to you to use as income. I realize if one isn't familiar with this, it can be fuzzy.

As JoAnn had mentioned, call your local County Office of Aging. They might have a list of financial planners who are easy to speak with, and can explain the process in layman's terms. Or the Office may have other ideas.
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I think you need more help than we can give you. Call your local Office of Aging to see if they have resources that can help you. Do you have someone you can trust to be ur POA who would be willing to help you?

Medicaid will require that your house be sold at Market Value. With Dementia you may need Medicaid in the next 10 years.
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