He has gotten her not to trust me and tries to keep me away. He steals and goes through everything. He doesn’t clean and the house is disgusting. She gave me her jewelry and silver to keep for her because she was afraid he would take it. Now he has talked her into getting it back from me and I know if I do we will never see it again. My mom has herself locked in her room with all her belongings and no room to sleep on her bed because of all her belongings taking up the bed. He blocks my calls and has told my mom not to trust me. I’ve never seen her like this. He is also giving her methamphetamines METH. He deals in it. And now she is dependent on the drugs and he controls her with it. She has become paranoid and thinks it’s other people stealing from her and not him. She protects him with everything she’s got. Because he takes care of her for free. We tried getting her other help through the state but they wanted to put a lien on her house so she backed out of any kind of service through DSHS. And had him return. She gets angry at me for even suggesting he steals from her. The neighbors have called several times warning me about him. I can’t take her jewelry and silver back because we will never see it again. She got robbed by his friends in the middle of the day a few years ago and they took two medium safes worth thousands with its contents. That’s the day I met this guy. But she thinks he can do no wrong. She called the other day wanting to find another alternative to care but then the next day she was back protecting him again. She wanted me to come clean up after him which I did but he found her one of his girlfriends to come clean for her and she fired me. See he does not want me around and will do anything to keep it that way . I live five minutes from my moms and stand to loose everything if I don’t get him out of her life. But I’ve tried everything. I got an attorney and I’ve called APS and the police several times. They can’t do anything because she turns around and protects him. I am the executor and there are no family members that can help. What can I do next? Do I need a protective order or to take guardianship?? What can I do I’m at my wits end? I stand to lose everything. I live in my grandparents house and he is asking mom to sign everything over to him so I’ll be out on the streets. Help please!!

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Can you have the locks changed when he is not there? If there are illegal drugs in the house can you tell the police about them emphasizing that he may be dealing them. I think you do need a protective order. I would try and press APS very hard with these facts. Could you get the advice of the lawyer who executed the POA? He does not have authority to fire you. If you had another address of one of his so called friends could you mention the stolen items. If there is no equity left in the house as you mentioned a lien being put on it then I would get her out of there. And if you can get the locks changed. Is there a doctor she deals with you could explain this to? I just would double down on every source possible to explain the situation. If a doctor signed a letter stating she is not of sound mind any longer that might help. Hopefully the POA is a durable one that was put in place when she was of sound mind. I wish I could suggest more and hopefully others will. I think you need to act as quickly as possible with utilizing as many outside sources necessary.
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If he's dealing drugs gather evidence (discretely) and get him arrested, hopefully once he is in jail you can have more influence over her.
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The police know all about him. When she got burglarized there was a detective that I have been in contact with since he knows this guy well. He went to moms with APS and did nothing. They said she was fine and this guy made the detective believe I was the drug addict. I haven’t done drugs in my life. I was thinking about a private investigator but I don’t have the money to hire one. I can’t believe APS is letting my mom live this way. They need to get a protective order against him but I guess they don’t do that. Maybe I should but I don’t want to piss off mom see I have tred lightly because she could sign everything over to him . See he came into the picture by the other guy that had been living with mom and thought he would win her her heart over which he did. They had wedding rings on the first couple weeks. He’s been there 5 years now. But has since moved to the other bedroom and now has a few girlfriends he brings to the house but my mom is still head over heals for him. He’s using her and she can’t see it. I do. But she won’t listen to me. He’s my nightmare and I want the nightmare to stop.
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