I've been caring for my 83 year old mother for 6 months. She was handling her own money but now she has Alzheimer's and I haven't kept her receipts. What happens with Medicaid?

In the beginning she handled her own money but now she has Alzheimer's and I haven't been keeping any receipts for her. What happens with Medicaid as she is soon going to have to go to a nursing home?

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Medicaid will want to know what's happened to her money. It's not like it's unreasonable of them to ask. What information and records will you be able to get together for them to examine? - Bank statements, utilities bills, credit card statements?
Everything that's been spent on her has been paid for with her ATM card.
Um. Do you mean you've been withdrawing cash, spending it, and keeping no receipts at all? I really hope not; but okay, so how much money are we talking about? - because it is going to have to be accounted for, and not only for Medicaid's information if you have been making the withdrawals for her. If you have accepted responsibility for her and she's no longer able to act for herself, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you have been using her money for her benefit.

No receipts, but what about bills? What about an inventory of the sorts of disposables she typically gets through in a month: food, toiletries, clothing, medications, her share of household expenses?

And start keeping records!!!
Start writing checks or use online bill pay. Yes, keep receipts. I sometimes buy my mother supplies and pay other expenses out of my money. I keep all receipts and then reimburse myself monthly. I also track hrs and mileage with dates, places gone on her behalf and time spent on her behalf. This is important if you will pay yourself for time and mileage.
It sounds like she has no money left to pay for nursing home care?
Is that correct? If not, and you have to apply for Medicaid for her, they
will want receipts and statements to see where her money has gone.
If you spent the money for yourself, then you will have a problem getting her approved. They can requests receipts and statements for the previous 5 years.
No, I haven't spent her money on me. I use her ATM for anything bought or used for her benefit, the rest of her money is in the bank. She had been living with my brother for 7 years (who is now incarcerated) and he did whatever he wanted with her money but she gave him concent so there are no receipts for that time. That is why I'm concerned about her and Medicade. I keep reading about other people and Medicade issues and I'm worried about her when I am no longer to care for her. I was already taking care of a son with a tramatic brain injury and I have custody of two of my young granddaughters (one with autism). I'm not a spring chicken myself and have several medical problems of my own so I'm looking towards the future when the stress effects my own health. I love my mother very much and would never do anything to take advantage of her, I just keep seeing all these post about Medicade from other people sort of in my same situation.
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Deborah, I hope you didn't think I was suggesting you had taken your mother's money. The trouble is that without receipts it is harder for you to *show* Medicaid, or anyone else making enquiries, that you haven't. Do please start making a habit of keeping all receipts for everything you buy or pay for on her behalf, and get together as much information as you can.

But I see you have bigger issues - specifically, the previous years when your mother was living with your brother. In your position I think I would call Medicaid and ask their advice. I don't think many people are in your situation exactly, for one thing, and you're entitled to expect them to treat you fairly; and for another if you call well in advance of your mother's needing to make an application you will have more time to follow any instructions or recommendations they might give you. You'll be able to find contact numbers for your area online.

Best of luck, and please let us know how you're getting on.
You did not mention how much money she has left in her account.
When she goes into the nursing home, she will need to private pay
each month until all her money is spent down. Medicaid allows her to keep around $2K or less in her account. The amount differs in various
states. My mother paid for her nursing home care for quite some time by using all her savings and any other money she had in the bank.

I would suggest you look around for a nursing home to find one you like, then talk to the Business Mgr of the nursing home about your mother's finances and how you plan on paying for the nursing home. She should be able to help you. Some Business Mgrs are more helpful than others. Good luck. It can be a real maze dealing with Medicaid.

Another thing, do you have POA? If not, that may be another hurdle you will have to deal with being she has Alzheimer's.

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