It's time to put my husband in Alzheimer's care. Please help with finance questions. -

It's time to put my husband in Alzheimer's care. Please help with finance questions.


My husband has Alzheimer's. It's time to put him in Alzheimer's care. I got representative of his S.S. They said to put my S.S. in Account in my name which I did last year. He receives a pension. Can I put the pension in my account with my S.S. ? (I'm not applying for Medicaid ) I didn't need three bank acc's., S.S. said to let them know when I put him in Alzheimer's Care Place. I assume they will send his S.S. to the care place. We saved money to travel on, it's enough to pay for one year of care. Do I go and pay for one year or can I just pay the difference each month that his S.S. doesn't pay, that way it would give him more time in Alzheimer's care. The saved money account with his S.S. and pension is in both his and my names. Will S.S. ask for bank statements? Will the Alzheimer's care ask for bank account statement. I waited too long to get power of attorney, I can't get it now. Should I apply for guardianship?



If you have joint finances you should see an elder law attorney so that you do not impoverish yourself in the process.
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I have never heard of a SS accounting. Is this a payee thing.

I would suggest forgetting about the AL. I did this with Mom and in hind sight I think directly putting her in a NH would have been better. She was not able to appreciate the AL. The home I found was very nice and kept her busy most of the day. I would pay privately for that year and apply for Medicaid a 2 or 3 of months before the money runs out. You can prepay for his funeral and maybe yours too. A Medicaid lawyer can get u started.
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SS will ask for 100% accounting of how you spent the money. That's the law. If you mix the bank account with other funds, you will have more to account for.

It sounds like you will be applying for Medicaid after one year of self-pay in Memory Care. It's VITAL for you to see a Certified Elder Care attorney NOW so that you can keep yourself from becoming impoverished. There are things that you can do now. After he needs Medicaid, it's too late.
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elivis, this is a bit complex. It would be good for you to talk with an "Elder Law Attorney" who can direct you on the best route to take.
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