She has dementia and I am her care-giver. Her condition has deteriorated and she is now in need of long-term care, i.e., Assisted Living. I am a war-time veteran with 26 yrs continuous active duty.

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Your best and most efficient options are to

(a) contact one of the service organizations such as American Legion or VFW and ask them to assist you to determine what, if any, assistance your wife might qualify for, and to prepare applications and paperwork to apply for that;

(b) contact your local county or state government veteran's affairs service. In my county, the local agency was staffed by people familiar with the VA, who prepare applications for the veteran/spouse. They know how to "grease the skids" and have answers to questions and can help you on the spot. Same with the service organizations.

(c) contact the local VA directly and ask to speak with someone who can provide information for you. This is probably the least efficient method, not b/c of any thing inherent to the VA, but b/c in my experience they're so overwhelmed with applications, especially in some areas of the US.

Good luck, and thank you for your long service to the country, as well as the sacrifices you've had to make along the way.
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