My mother has become more resistant to getting up the last couple of weeks. She has been on a thickened liquid/ soft food diet for about a month now. I realize there could be many other explanations but am wondering if this is a possibility.

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Thank you for the responses. I have talked to some of the medical professionals. I looked into it further and found that the aides were giving my mother her calcium supplement shortly after the thyroid pill. We delayed the calcium and she is starting to perk up again.
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Maybe her Thyroid meds need adjusting. Is she on this diet because of swallowing problems? Maybe its time for a Hospice evaluation.
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Don't see how it could be. The thickener is usually just starch, the same kind you'd find in cornflour. It really shouldn't affect the absorption of anything much. There are other types, too; but they again are completely broken down and shouldn't interfere with medication.

Usually if there are any potential problems like this, the patient information leaflet that you get with the medication will warn you about them.

So, are you thinking that your mother's increased tiredness/lethargy is a result of her thyroid medication's not working so effectively now? I doubt it; but in any case, don't guess - if you've noticed changes in your mother and they're worrying you, talk to her doctor or nurses.
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This is a question for her pharmacist. I would begin with asking the PharmD.
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