Is this 'sun downing'? -

Is this 'sun downing'?


My dad is pretty good of a day especially if he gets his own way .
Of a night he gets angry and can be violent and delusional .thinking he is ' getting poisoned ' or 'they have guns ' these are the nurses and doctors at the hospital while we are waiting for a nursing home .
He is in a special dementia room so he can't escape. I have caught him climbing the wall once .
Is this sun downing or sundowners ?
Thanks for any advice

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Sounds like it to me, my mom would get very angry and hateful around 7pm. She would want to argue over the craziest things, our doctor told us it was sundowning and that we would never win an arguement. To just agree or walk away!
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Hello Captainchrissie,

We have an article on the site that I am including in the link below that I think you may find helpful regarding what sundowing looks like and how to handle it.

I wish you the best,
Melissa R.
The Team
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I would guess so. MOM's doctor have her Trazadone and that keeps her from doing that for the most part.
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