Is this lawful for a facility to do?


1. Conformed refusal to allow a son to visit his mother.
2. Asking a son not to visit his mother one day because his mother is unwell.
3. Offering only one choice at lunchtime because the chef has been ill for three days.
4. Offering only one choice at lunchtime every weekend.
5. Locking all residents in their room, after lunch everyday to allow careers to tidy up.
6. Frequently tying a boisterous resident to a chair during mealtimes.
7. Restraining a resident to give her life saving injection.

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Barb, thanks for the post 4 months ago.

OP's answer then:

"hi all i m working in home care and i am doing my training online, i stuck with this questions. It is all about deprivation of liberty. i cant find the answers. Any help thanks. "

K, Are these questions for your training or is this an actual situation?

If you're still in training, you might want to give serious thought to the "unlawful" aspect of your question. I hardly think any facility would want to hire or train someone who considers unlawful activity acceptable.

But frankly, these questions don't seem to be ones which would fall naturally into a care curriculum. What is this on-line source that you're using for training? Are you going to school or is this just a self-study course?
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