Could forgetfulness explain all? She finds things she says are not hers and she did not bring in.

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Has anyone heard the complaint that someone is putting new things in the house? She can almost believe she is the one losing and misplacing things. But when she finds new things that aren't even hers, it reinforces the paranoia that her nephew does it to mess with her. I said "Is it still there (not hallucination)" "yes" The beginning? Oh boy. Thanks.
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Unfortunately, it's typical for elderly people with declining mental capacity to think others are messing with their stuff. My mother was convinced the assisted living staff were coming into her room at night and stealing her snacks. They weren't, but you couldn't convince her otherwise. She believed people were breaking into her house back home and getting things. They weren't.

As the old saying goes, it just goes with the territory. It's not limited to Alzheimer's and dementia, btw.
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Agree with Katiekate. My mother was convinced a man in her apartment complex was “stalking” her. She would hide her wallet and then couldn’t find it. She said the man broke into her apartment and stole it. She’d even call the police. As my mom’s dementia progressed, she lived in a world of hallucinations and delusions. No, it’s not forgetfulness. It’s the disease.
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My Dad accused me of moving everything around at night...Just to upset him... I was 2000 miles away at the time.

he accused my Mom of having a boyfriend that was coming over every night after he was in bed, stealing things,

Mom assured him she already had one man too many in her life.

from my experience ... yeah this is pretty common. We didn't know it at the time, but this was dementia. As it advanced it turned out to be just the beginning of the weird stuff.
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