My Mom lives in a mobile home in Norman and she is down to about 30% or less in fuel. She only gets about $750.00 a month and they told her it would cost $310.00 to fill the tank. She has separated from my step-Dad and is trying to get all their bills caught up but it is taking most of her money. With winter coming in quick she needs the gas for heat.

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The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides winter heating, energy crisis, summer cooling and/or weatherization and other energy-related home repair assistance to eligible low-income households throughout each year during specific application periods. 1-866-411-1877 in Oklahoma.
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Sunny's right - she needs to contact the fuel supplier ASAP and ask for low income assistance.

I assume she's not getting any assistance from your step father? If they're going to divorce and she has no income beyond SS, she can ask for alimony. That should be put on the front burner as divorce proceedings don't go through court on a rapid basis, especially if the parties contest each other's position.
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Has she applied for financial assistance with her local social services agency? There are some funds available for energy costs for low income and disabled. I would inquire. She might also inquire about other housing that might cost less on fuel, food benefits, free phone, etc.
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