The ALF is demanding I now surrender the 2019 COLA amount of 2.8% to contribute to Mom's care. Mom is under full Medicaid Waiver. The ALF raised the monthly rent $100/mo in 2018.

I find this a little off-setting, as I have to continue to pay for Mom's bath supplies, clothing, shoes, OTC stuff and haircuts. I don't mind paying the contracted amount, but after the $100/mo increase last year, topped by my monthly costs for Mom it seems they are being greedy. I also just paid out $300 for a new air-mattress for Mom's hospital bed.

Am I being unreasonable? I understand the Medicaid Waiver ALF's fall into a distinct category since they are supplemented by the govt. Any information of clarity is appreciated. Thank you.

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All of her income is supposed to be going to the ALF with Medicaid paying the remaining balance. She’s allowed to keep $35 a month for personal needs, under FL Medicaid rules.
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