Is there assistance for me as caregiver for my elderly mom? -

Is there assistance for me as caregiver for my elderly mom?


In Florida is there assistance for me as I care for my elderly mom with limited income. My dad who passed was a Veteran too. My mom has been hospitlized a lot and falls at least once a week. I do the cooking cleaning etc. I am unable to work and that's why I ask. :) Someone recently advised that SS would lend assistance. Does anyone know the requirements?



I don't know the amount of care that is required by your Mom, but I take care of my 99 yr old grandmother who, between the two of us (I'm on disablity), we make too much to qualify for Medicaid, even with the spend-down (for a household of 2 in MS, I think the total salary is $28K or something, which rules us out because she gets her SSI and a pension, and I get my disability income - which, although not a lot, together, it's more than Medicaid allows), so I found a job that I can work from home on the computer - I'm an outbound cold-caller, but there are other types of jobs that you can find that you can do from home. It takes a while to hunt them down, but they are out can work your own hours, and fit the hours in when it's convenient for you (when you're not doing caretaking duties or going to doctor's appointments), and still feel like you're contributing to your own well-being. It's made a world of difference for me - not just in the money, but in giving me something else to do and look forward to every day - not just CARETAKING, and I have some extra spending money that I didn't have b4 that I use when I get to get away (which isn't as often as I would like, but I'm an AVID AMAZON SHOPPER :} ), and because I have a RESPONSIBILITY to my job, I think it does something for my mental state - it gives me some sort of pride or something that I can say 'I'm not just a caretaker,' which, don't get me wrong, not everyone can do this job, so give yourself a huge hug and a biggole pat on the back...but I guess what I'm trying to say is I am doing something else, something for ME, and not just for HER...if that makes any sense?? Hope that helps...

PS...all you have to do to find a good at home job is look on indeed or other online job posting sites, and put in 'work-at-home' I put in CUSTOMER SERVICE or SALES or something like that, just make sure you don't get sucked in to those insurance scam places that want you to sell insurance to all of your family and friends...that's not work-at-home...that's multi-level-marketing...NOT the same thing. So just check out the posting before you answer the ad. You'll soon figure out which ones are the type to answer and which ones aren't. Also, there are some companies that you can work for that you pay to take a training class for companies like Disney, Carnival Cruise lines, etc., and they pay like $10 - $14 an hour, and you just pay the company you go through a small percentage for running your payroll through their 'company'...different business model, but still legit. Just do some research, and you'll see what I mean. It'll make the difference for you, I P.R.O.M.I.S.E.
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I'm in Florida also and I don't know of any monetary assistance available .. over the last 15 years I've done the gradual working midnights to care for mom in daytime.. then phone/computer work at home to be here for safety .. now I've had to quit all to be here 24/7 ..luckily my husband is willing to take travelling job that makes more $$.
At least I have the peace of mind knowing my mother continues paying siblings bills out of state (I'm working on that bitterness)...
I've recently been pointed in the direction of my local Elder Care Agency and it sounds like they come in to do a "needs" assessment. If nothing else I'm hoping for a little respite care so I can do the food shopping in the daytime instead of 3 am at Wal-Mart ...
Haven't heard of any monetary assistance but if it exists someone here will let you know .. this site is a wonderful source of helpful info.
Good luck and God bless !!
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shelagh8483, I don't believe there is any income assistant programs through Social Security. 

What you need to do is contact your State Medicaid office [this is different from Medicare]. If your Mom can qualify for Medicaid, some States do offer a salary to the caregiver, but note the salary would be minimal.

Medicaid feels it is more cost effective for the State to place an elder who needs a lot of help into a skilled nursing home, where Medicaid will pay for room, board, and care. Medicaid is funded by the State taxpayers.

Also check the Veteran department to see if there are any benefits for a widow of a Vet.
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Do some research on the Social Security, Medicare and local area Agency on Aging websites. Plug in “home health care” to see what they offer. You can also ask the staff at your Mom’s doctor’s office. There is usually someone on their staff, like the office manager, who is familiar with insurances and what they provide and pay for and what they don’t.
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I am unable to work and thats why I ask. :) Someone recently advised that SS would lend assistance.  does anyone know the requirements?
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Most adult children don't get reimbursed for caregiving unless the parent can afford to pay the adult child themselves.

But Medicaid has some program, I'm not sure what it is, but I'll bet someone will come along who knows what I'm talking about. It might be a caregiver that comes to the home a few days a week for a few hours. There is an application process involved.

Hang one, someone who knows more than I will come along I'm sure.
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