My mom fell and broke her hip. She went to a rehab/SNF. Her insurance only pays for 20 days. Then it will be 179.00 a day until day 100 then 330.00 a day. She has had a slow terminal illness for many years and has spent all her money on doctor and hospital bills. We have applied for Medicaid but it will take 45 days. She can’t walk but just a few steps with help. Can’t feed herself well. Can’t bathe herself. Is incontinent. And my father is 83 and had 8 surgeries in the past 16 mo. My sister and I both work. And no one can answer any of our questions. We need her in a skilled facility. Is there anything we can do?

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You tell the Social Worker there is no one able to take care of Mom at home, which is the truth isn't it? If the NH she is in now is unable to keep her due to no open beds they may send her elsewhere but it will be a safe discharge. In the meantime, keep following through with the Medicaid case worker. Eventually she will get approved and her bills will be paid retroactively. Look at SNF's in your area and apply to ones you like, you can transfer her there once a bed opens, but the first step is to let the NH she is in now that you or your family are unable to safely care for Mom at home anymore. The Social Worker there will help you find proper placement.
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You have applied for Long Term Care Medicaid, so speak with your Medicaid caseworker. Mine told me that as soon as your have a case number (Medicaid Pending status) not to pay any bills but make copies of all bills and send them to her. The case workers name and number should be on your Medicaid paperwork. These bills should all be covered by them and accounted for at the final determination letter where they breakdown your/her monthly share of cost for the ongoing long term care stay. The rehab facilities are not much help in this unless you have an outstanding finance person there. If you want her to stay at this facility as a Long Term care resident, just ask them if they accept “Medicaid Pending”. If you don’t want her there, you’ll need to start calling around for ones that do, visit them ASAP, get your application in. My Moms rehab kept her for 2 months while I looked around and waited for a bed to open, but not all are as accommodating.
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Yes, there are Nursing Homes that will accept her if they determine she will most likely
be approved for Medicaid. If the Nursing Home you are in now, will not do that, call around
and find some that will, go visit them to see which one you like, then meet with them to get
the paperwork started.
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See if the facility will keep her as “medicaid pending”. Most facilties will take someone with pending Medicaid approval AND Medicaid will back pack pay up to 3 months.
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igloo572 Oct 2019
My mom was LTC NH Medicaid Pending in TX. Her application took abt 5 1/2 months and Medicaid paid retroactively to the date of the Medicaid application which was day 1 admission into NH. Now mom did have to do the required copay or SOC (share of cost) each month of all her SS & other retirement income less $60 a month personal needs allowance starting day 1.
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