She had hip surgery about 10 years ago but since then I’m pretty sure arthritis has set in. I’m not getting any sleep and I’m still currently employed

Is there anything the Doctor can give her for pain because I’m getting to the point where I can’t handle it anymore.

Theres not too many minutes out of the day she's not moaning or crying.

Thr last time I asked about pain medicine the doctor told me to give her Tylenol which does not work.

She has Parkinsons and can not get in or out of bed. I’m going into her room every hour trying to make her comfortable but it only lasts for 5 minutes or more and then she’s back to moaning and crying and yelling out.

Any suggestions on where I can go for help will be greatly appreciated.

You need to see a doctor for arthritis. She may be more comfortable in a recliner taking some of the pressure off her hips.
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