My sister tricked my father into signing over the house him and my mother were purchasing. My mother died in 1999. By father was legally blind and partially deaf, she had a lawyer draw up papers stating he was selling her his and my mothers's property. My father came home stating my two sisters tricked him. He said he did not know what was going on until after the lawyer told her to give my father a $1. My sister swore up and down she did not know her lawyer was doing that. And he did that on his own. My sister gained power of attorney over my mother after she had a stroke. She even made an attempt in place my mother in a nursing home because she could not handle my mother's behavior (loss of memory and calling out at night). If my mother was not aware of behavior, why was she aware and clear minded to giving her power of attorney? She removed my mother's name from everything and replace it with her name. She even remove my name from insurance policies that had my name on them and replaced them with her name. My question is how can I protect myself? And stay in the home?

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If she did not know that the Lawyer was doing that first of all why would she not correct the situation? Yes there is, I was in Housing for a long time. What most people do not know is that you can go to the court house and file a pulper's affidavit. At least in the State of Texas. I would think with your father being legally blind, I'm not sure if he is in his right state of mind or not but you should be able to hire an attorney. I believe that is elder abuse. Hope this helps. It has been many years since I was in housing and I had worked in the industry for many years and never heard of this until I had a tenant pull this on me that was being evicted. His claim was bull but it worked and he stayed in his apartment for years. I think I may have mentioned this to one person over all these years because in my case it was just a trick that he knew but I can't stand when people pull stuff like this, it uncalled for. Best of luck to you.
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See an elder law attorney ASAP. In my state, POA cannot put themselves on any deed without a public sale and/or court approval.
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If your father did not know this was being done and did not agree to the transaction, assuming he is of sound mind and can legally make the decision, it sounds like you and he should talk to an elder law attorney to see of you can get the title to the home straightened out. Either way, even if she is POA and it can be proven that she made this decision for her own personal gain, you should still have some legal recourse.
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