I'm scared my body will decline too. Taking care my sibling elderly brother, he depends on me for everything, he lives with me since 2003. He can't walk, very thin, picky eater, can't manage with walker and cane, hearing out, can't see well. Services thinks it would be best to have hospital bed, transfer chair, commode in his bedroom, then he stays here, then going into home, it seems they think I'll do more work, It isn't fair! I need my life to enjoy too! I have been looking for low income housing, senior apts, independent living or assisted, eventually I need help too. Does anyone know something, that can help me? It would be appreciated. Thanks, for being there.

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Thanks to you All answering my post.  My brother gets help from LA County Regional Center, first he was going to go to Nursing home, then they forgot about me. I couldn't afford the second amount for rent, rather be on my own in low income senior apt. He has SSI, SSA, Medicare & Medi-cal.    I only have SSI, Medi-cal, and Medicare.   I also get help from LA County Regional Center, was diagnosed of having Borderline Intellectual Functioning, my counselor mention to me I should go in Board & Care, also told me I can't take my small dog who is my service dog.  Without her, I would feel lost, without anyone.  I hope this helps you All, more information. Thanks again!
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Ahmijoy Sep 2018
You still need to call that first agency and raise Cain with them. Keep calling until they work it out for you. You can also call APS and report an adult at risk (your brother)

i inderstand completely about your dog. I’m in the same boat. If your dog is certified as a service/ comfort dog, no one can deny your keeping her. Your Doctor will have a write a note..Unfortunately if she’s not, you should look into Senior apartments that allow pets. My mom’s did. Good luck. Come back and let us know.
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It works differently in each state, but, in my state, the doctor says the patient needs long term care or special facility and then you apply for all he's entitled to with the Dept of Social services, which applies him for Medicaid and all other sources. Also, is you brother on Disability? People on disability often are entitled to more things than those who are not on disability. They should be able to qualify him and then you can locate a place for him to live and receive care.

After he's settled, you can apply yourself to see what you qualify for.
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What services are telling you to get all this stuff and under the impression that you are able to take care of him? If you have a case manager, contact them and be very clear that you cannot care for him no matter how much medical equipment you have. Ask them to help you find placement for him.

Call your local Area Agency on Aging. You can also call your Department of Human Services. Your brother needs more care than you are able to provide. If he has a doctor, call them and ask for help. If he should have to go to the hospital, do not bring him back home. Speak with the social worker and tell them you are not able to give him the care he needs. He may become a ward of the state and they will put him in a facility. You can also consult with an Elder Law Attorney and have them help you file for Medicaid for him. Then find a facility that accepts Medicaid.

Help is out there if you dedicate yourself to looking for it.
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You need to speak up and tell these people that you can no longer care for your brother. That you have health problems of your own. That the home is yours and your plans are to downsize to be better able to care for yourself. That the only option he has now is a Nursing facility. So they need to help him with that. Since he has been living with you he doesn't have a house to worry about. Does he just get SS and maybe a pension? Any savings, bonds, stocks, etc, if not and SS is all he receives is SS than he may qualify for Medicaid.

I think you have done your share. You are not responsible for a sibling, Let the Services do there job by placing him in NH. Let them do the work.
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