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Call your local Area Agency on Aging and describe your situation. You may find services in the area if not funds.

I see your mom has HH and PT. Is she able to manage alone? Did she go to rehab first? I’m a big fan of HH but not in place of rehab. It’s very important that she gets all the therapy she can to recover. It’s hard work but so important.

Please don’t quit your job to take care of mom. You are too young. And mom at 66 is going to need to find a way to manage her life. So try to focus on self sufficiency if at all possible. It is sometimes a long path back but people do make amazing progress when they try.

If she’s too depressed to do the therapy or in too much pain, make sure she treats that so she can do the therapy.

I wish you luck in getting her to her best recovery possible. Both of your lives depend on it.
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In my area, the agencies that can help are contacted through our senior center.
You may need to get a case manager, who can direct you.

If Mom is low income, she may qualify for Medicaid or Medi-Cal. Under the IHSS (In Home Supportive Services) progam, qualified help can be sent out, often for no cost. Or, you may qualify to help her under this program, after taking a class.
The senior center case manager can refer you, or even help Mom qualify by assessing her needs.
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Depends on your area/ where you live. Medicare & medicaid usually help with that so start on their main website?
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