They are so expensive and I am also on a fixed income. I’m about at the end of my rope!


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I second what JoAnn said about hospice paying for all incontinence supplies if your LO qualifies for hospice care. This was a godsend for my folks when my mom was ill.

Also, I often see packages of incontinence supplies at thrift stores. Might be worth a look in your area.
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I have found that Sam's club has a fabulous brand and they lowered the prices, about 35 cents a piece. They also have all the latest technology, they were more comfy than the high priced ones for my dad.

Is there a diaper bank in your community? They may have them, if not, advocate with them to include this little known need.

Im so sorry you are having a hard time. If you want to PM me I ended up with 2 full cases (160) of men's large that I will donate, location being the key.
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BuzzyBee Sep 8, 2018
You lovely person. :)
If your LO qualifies for Hospice, the diapers are free.
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Have you thought of writing to the suppliers / manufactures and asking for a few trial samples? Tell them you are deciding which would be the best to use, in your situation.
There is one site I found 'on-line' called That was only a quick look, you will need to check what the postage is for you. Even if they will send them to where you are.

Good luck

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We have the same issue. And hubby requires a larger size so there’s less in the package for more money. Medicaid pays for incontinence supplies but we, apparently are “too rich” to qualify.

I’ve seen cases of adult diapers advertised on the Facebook Marketplace for a pretty good price. You have to pay cash and pick them up, but for a good savings, it’s worth it.
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Jmf3449 Sep 7, 2018
thanks , yes I seem to have the same I’m too rich problem when I filed for food stamps , yet who can afford groceries.
Have you tried your local hunger center or community service center?
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