My husband is mostly wheel-chair bound. I have to help him transfer to and from his bed and lift chair. I am also aging and need some relief from the constant battles with him and and the lifting/transferring of him. My back and hands are in pain. I have tremors that are getting worse the more pain I am in. I had help when I lived in Port O'Connor from Area Wide Aging that would come in a few times a week so that I could see a counselor and get to the chiropractor. Those appointments made a huge difference in my health which in turn made a difference in my ability to care for my husband. I have asked for assistance from my church and my daughter has looked into off duty nurses that might want to earn a little extra money but nothing has come thru yet.

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Do you think you might qualify for Medicaid? There is a waiver program that can supply some in-home help, and then, if the need arises, later pay for nursing home care.
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A first call should be to the county office of aging. They typically are tuned into all resources. You might also try the Visiting Nurse's Assoc. Some have volunteer visitors or grocery shoppers. (Even if you can get those jobs done, it would be one less thing for you and your daughter to handle)Are either you or your husband veterans? If so, check with the Vets to see if any help can be offered. Some organizations of Jewish Women offer help as does Catholic Charities. To my knowledge, such services are offered without regard to faith, color, etc. Speak with your husband's doctor to see if she/he has any suggestions.
Would you be comfortable telling us what county you live in? Others on this site may be familiar with specific services.
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