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Yes there is but it's covered thru state agencies. I went thru my local Senior Services Center here in Illinois. She is considered a "severe case"; how they guise the fact they don't want to help is thin and pathetic; but she is allotted 12 hr/wk. How they figure 12 hr is enough for a "severe case" is way beyond me but some help is better than none. They will most likely have a case worker come out and do an eval. and a Mini-Cog. Here is the file & test I used for 3 months before calling my S.S.C. ( The time from the eval. to getting approved was about 3 months. Within that time, the S.S.C. arranged an emergency 40hr in home respite care. That took 2 more months and should have raised a red flag; in my case at least. My "weekend" is Tues. & Wed. so I Must have help Fri Sat & Sun afternoons since I work graveyards. If that's similar to you, you'll have to pull teeth like I did. Most home care companies do Not have Sun help and they don't schedule after 2pm on Sat. They also do Not provide overnight help. You'll need to search out on your own, senior care services in your area, start within a 20 mile radius first. Call and ask if they have someone available for the hours you need. Just tell them you're thinking about help, nothing more. Once you've narrowed the choices down to 3 or 4 services, then call your S.S.C. and find out which ones take scheduling thru them; since they will be paid by the state for those hours. Do NOT be afraid to interview the nurses available, individually, to find one that will be the best for your Mom or Dad. It took me 4 months and out of 5 companies and 51 employees, there was only 1 that could do the hours I needed; 2p-6p Fri-Sun; and she drives 50 miles to do it. She's great with Mom always calls during the week to find out how Mom's Dr. appt went and If Mom will be home or in the hospital. Even though 90% will Not reimburse the nurse/caregiver for going to the hospital, she still does the few times Mom was in. It's going to be a little rough if you hit a few walls but there Is help out there, especially if you have a normal schedule. Here are a few more places to call who might be able to help: Catholic Archdiocese of N.O. 4921 Meadowdale St, Metairie, LA 70006, & Roman Catholic Archdiocese of N.O. 7887 Walmsley Ave, New Orleans, LA 70125. I hope they can give additional help. GOD Bless You and your family.
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Depends on the situation.
Is the person a Veteran? If so there may be help through the VA
Your local Senior Services Center may have programs, contact them and ask to talk to a Social Worker.
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Medicaid has homecare if the patient meets their criteria. From threads on here, it is not 24/7 care though. Call your local Office of Aging. They may know of programs or even have aides. Then too, its not 24/7.
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