Does anyone know if there is any state or Federal help with companions if a person is a long term resident at a Nursing Home and Medicare/Medicaid is paying the bills? Unless the patient is on the actual dementia unit, lock down, they do not get the dementia trained staff - too much alone time and depression, anxiety are on the rise...

Most as mentioned, depend on volunteers. They usually have time and the facility does not have to pay.
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When my mom first went into a facility, they advised me that she needed a “sitter” and I contracted with an agency for an aide at $15 an hour. All they did was watch TV. It wasn’t covered. My mom was still pretty with it then, but I know as she declined, she would have heartily protested if I’d tried a “companion” for her.

Most facilites have activities she could participate in or even just sit and watch others. There are also common areas she could be encouraged to go to. Even if staff isn’t formally trained in dealing with residents who have dementia, they do encounter them. Not all residents with dementia are in the locked units.

If you have concerns, call a Care Conference and speak with the staff who cares for her. Ask that they encourage her to leave her room even if only to sit in the hallway. There are also meds for depression and anxiety.
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I'm not aware of anything like that. Hopefully, if there is, someone will chime in with details.

I have noticed that in the assisted living facilities that I have frequented, there are local volunteers, some from churches and local groups, that come on a regular basis, some daily and weekly to visit ALL the residents. They greet and visit with each person, as well as send them a birthday card and a Christmas gift.
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