I would like to get a home to take care of a few elderly who needs assistance for everyday care.. Is there any assistance for home funding?

Are you trying to find an adult family care home provider? Where the skilled medical provider lives in the home and offers their services for 5 people or less?

There are none in the county I’m in but there are several regulated, liscensed, zoned etc.. in two counties nearby in the state of Florida.

Those residing in the homes are mainly elderly that were born in other countries and enjoy being surrounded with others that are Haitian or from Central and South American countries. There are several in both Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

From what I understand they are indigent, destitute. The government pays for the care through Medicaid so I’d check on your state’s site for info.

I'm not sure if I understood your question correctly and apologize if this isn’t anything helpful 🙂
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You mean you personally would like to buy a home and then take in people to care for? Not sure if there are any programs that will help you with this. But there are probably a lot of State regulations that would have to be met. You probably will have to be certified in certain areas. You may have to be a CNA at least and be certified to give medications. And what about injections? Usually an LPN or RN are the only people who can do this. Some states, not even an LPN. You may also be monitored by the state. You will need to keep records and may have to have an auditor. Lots involved and probably money.
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star97 May 17, 2019
I just saw your reply and realized I must’ve misread the question.. 🤦🏼‍♀️

But you’re so right when you say there must be a lot involved, these places are licensed, zoned and regulated as businesses. Sort of like a doctor from Haiti and his wife is a nurse so they provide an assisted living type place in a home for a few others. All new to me as I’ve never seen them before visiting South Florida.

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