Is there a website to find an independent RN for geriatric care?


We just need someone as our mother just got out of the hospital and needs attendant care.

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Sldoran, are you aware that your mother could get 2 levels of step-down care, first at a rehab facility and then at home?
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What kind of care will she need? If just bathing, dressing and other duties a CNA should be enough. An RN makes $35 to $40 an hour. An LPN maybe $10 less. A CNA $10 to $15.
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Why is she not in rehab to get assistance with gaining strength. A nurse is very expensive. She needs a license and insurance. Usually her license falls under a physician manager. An RN starting pay is higher than a living wage if that is what you are expecting to pay. Can you hire a nurse at intervals for medicationfrom a service and hire an attendant for personal care?
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Can I ask why the you want an RN not associated with an agency? When my husband came home from rehab, we had a case manager who was an RN who came out once a month. The LPN also associated with the agency came out weekly. We also had therapists and they even put us onto a podiatrist who makes home visits. All was covered by Medicare. We never saw a bill.

If you are determined to have a “free-lance” nurse, check your local newspapers. Many times they will run ads offering nursing services. Any websites will most likely be Agency related. You can also ask one of her nurses before she leaves the hospital if they know of anyone.
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