Is there a way to get a person into a nursing home when the sibling who has the authority to do so refuses to do it? My mother clearly needs to be in a nursing home, she has dementia. My sister, who has the authority, refuses to put our mother in a nursing home. Something will happen and this will not end well if she is allowed to continue living in her home alone. What can I do?

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Lance, is this a situation where your Mom refuses to move from her home? That isn't uncommon for elders, with or without memory issues.

Depending on your Mom's age, those who are in their 80's and 90's view nursing homes as a horrible place to live, because way back when nursing homes were very far and few between, a patient with memory issues went to live in the county asylum which wasn't very pleasant. That happened to my great-great-grandfather.

It could be that your sister is waiting for a fall or an illness where she can finally call a EMT's which take Mom to the hospital, and from there Mom will go into Rehab then into continuing care [don't call it a nursing home in front of Mom]. So many of us here had to do the waiting game. I had to for my own Mom.
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Is your sister your mother's guardian? Is there supervision in the home for mom?

If you feel mom is not being cared for properly, you can call Adult Protective Services and tell them that you feel that your mom needs more care than she has.
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Have you asked your sister why she refuses to move Mom to a facility? And also why, if Mom has dementia why Sister thinks it’s ok to leave Mom alone? Is Sister Mom’s caregiver? What has Mom done that has prompted you to think she needs to be in a facility? If you feel Mom is in harm’s way, you can always call Adult Protective Services. You can also speak with her doctor although privacy rules may cut the conversation short. I’d start with Sister and have a calm, polite conversation with her. If you’re not satisfied with her answers, then proceed from there.
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