Is there a valid test to determine a persons risk for Alzheimer’s or dementia?

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Not yet.

It is somewhat problematic to give people such a prediction when there is nothing that can be done about it. When we know some preventative measures and have some good treatments for the earliest stage, it would make better sense to be able to do such tests.

There are some known risk factors.

Someone who has Parkinson's Disease has a high risk for dementia. More than half of the folks who have PD will develop dementia. (Some estimates are 80%)

A sleep disorder called RBD is highly predictive of Lewy Body Dementia. In fact RBD may be the first symptom and it can come years before other dementia symptoms show up.

Twenty-five percent of people who have strokes develop dementia within a year.
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Yes, but still in clinical trials. Go to
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