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I don’t think so. I am very familiar with that county.
If she is on Medicaid she may qualify for a certain amount of home aides (not RN).
I would as someone stated give the Dept of Aging a call but as for free homecare that’s not likely.
There are plenty of long term care providers in that county- from group homes to SNF. I was a homecare RN in Anne Arundel county for 3 years and Annapolis/Arnold was my area.
It may be time to place your mom in a center that can provide 24/7 care like a nursing home can.
Good luck!
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Looks like a good phone number to call would be (410) 222-4257, Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM. I hope you are able to find some help and information for your mom. Best wishes to you!
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Call ur County Office of Aging. Depending on income Medicaid may be able to help.
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Your profile information states:

"I am caring for my mother... 98 years old, living at home with age-related decline, heart disease, and mobility problems."


"I am willing to help with my mother but it hard. She was staying with my brother for 2 months and she wanted to go home. Which i did understand she lives alone. Need help with day time and overnight. Do not have a lot on money to pay anyone to stay with her. She is at the age that what she wants and nothing else will do. I have brothers and sisters but everyone can not help or will no help."

Honestly it makes no sense for everyone to orbit around her. She obviously needs more care than your family can provide. If I were you I would start researching NHs near family. If your mother is living on only social security and few other assets she may qualify for Medicaid, which would pay for her care in a NH. She won't like it but your family will exhaust itself emotionally, mentally, physically and financially trying to keep her in her home, and her needs will only increase. You and your siblings' immediate family come first, then your mom. Hopefully someone has durable PoA for her? If not, this should happen first, then get her placed in a facility that accepts Medicaid, then AFTER she is in she can apply for Medicaid (because they cannot kick her out for this). Bless you and your family for trying to do what's best for your mom.
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