Individual cannot stand or walk, Cannot transfer to wheel chair without help of a slide board or more often Hoya lift.

Can’t transfer to commode, needs help getting dressed and bathed. Remains in Diapers needs help.

Person is able to roll in chair by himself, although slowly.

Need options in IL, home is not an option, financially person has a pension and SS disability income which covers most of private pay in nursing home , but still shortfall.

Help if anyone has any choices.

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Must have a good pension if persons monthly income can cover almost 8-10k a month. I would say they are over the cap for Medicaid but not enough to pay privately. In my state the is a Miller trust where the overage goes into the trust and when the person dies, it reverts back to Medicaid. Its a different name in some states.

Assisted living is your other option. The cost is less than a NH. What is going to ur friend is the care part is going to be where u will see a cost. Als have a rental cost and then the cost of care. Members do talk about "Board and Care". This is a place with few residents and caregivers.
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