Appropriate actions did not lead to this or any additional health problems. Seems like slander? The reality is that a lack of concern reflects more on the knowledge that he was always getting good caregiving services from me.

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Your client had health problems. Your client's family blamed these problems wholly or partly on poor care, i.e. on you. Their complaints were investigated and found to be unjustified. You have been vindicated.

To whom did the family complain? How did they go about it?

The thing is. A question is not an accusation. If they asked questions about the care you provided and the questions were answered satisfactorily, that's fine - that's how a complaints process is supposed to work. If they accused you of abuse or neglect in a public forum, damaged your reputation, continue to refuse to accept the findings of the investigation... then it begins to look like defamation.

Would you like to say a bit more about what has happened?
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I learned this from bad employers. You can always make a statement with your feet. Either quit or ask your manager for a transfer. Let the accusers try to find quality care similar to what you provided.
Legal action can get expensive. However if you had to pay for legal help and it was for a couple thousand dollars, you can try small claims court. Of course you would have to collect all documentation
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