Some days I think my sanity is at risk from listening to all the strange talk and questions. Some of it is upsetting to me because it is about unresolved family issues, difficult times from the past. or deceased relatives. Some of what is said is just out of context or misguided. Other days it's just the repititon that gets to me.

Sometimes I ask if we could have some quiet time but it doesn't work. I try redirecting to other topics that aren't as difficult but it generally doesn't work for long.

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Looking at this from the other side...
My Husband was pretty much non verbal for about 6 years. I would have LOVED to hear him talk. He did make noises that at times drove me nuts..but it is almost 2 years now since he died and I gotta tell you I miss the noise ..sometimes.
Get a pair of headphones, listen to some music..nod your head once in a while, say "oh sure" occasionally and once in a while laugh a bit.
Trust me one day you will miss the voice, the inane questions and the family to leave that buried anyway.
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Try disraction by changing the subject. My mom has done this for 5 years now. It drives me nuts when I need to take her skmewhere in the car.
I bought some CDs so that she can sing tunes instead of the questions. Through trial and error she likes 40s tunes and Frank Sinatra. Look for tunes that she would have grown up with in her teens. Consider that her memory slips back in time and the longest memories remain intact. Just think which decade in your life brought happiest music memories
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hi, I looked at your last question in July. someone mentioned getting your mom some anti anxiety meds. My mom takes an anti depressant and it helps even out her mood. and calms her I think.

I totally understand how you feel being upset with the constant questions over and over. yes it can drive you batty.

I don't like medications a lot - you know, taking this pill and that pill. But a low dose of something can really make a difference.

My mom also sees a geriatric dr. (that is who prescribed the anti depressant)

My mom does repeat a lot. What day is it? over and over. etc

She also gets paranoid, makes up stories, losses things, hides things, plus gets obsessive. then figures someone took her stuff (shes in assisted living.)

Please don't continue to try to cope with the way things are. reach out to her dr (I would choose a geriatric) and let them know how she is acting.  You may still experience difficulties, but hopefully some medications can help take it down a notch.
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