Very lonely.

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Wow. Ok here is the thing, my parents were swingers my entire life so I understand the concepts and what was agreed upon before she was sick. There are rules. What did she agree to?

You should not be trying to date someone because that involves some type of emotional vestment or potential promise for the future which is unfair to other parties.

Seriously, try tinder or hire a prostitute or buy a pocket hoo. Most women do not want the baggage. If it is just companionship, join a support group or get a therapist.
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What a great idea.
I think finding a like-minded gentleman would help me in many ways....... just having an ear to listen for a start.
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Well they have Farmers only , maybe we should start Caregivers only? This is needed if only for company.. This topic has come up before, and I totally get it! It would be a way for others to connect with folks who have been there, and understand the issues we go through.. and the problems with getting time off to date and meet others
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I met my second husband on a dating site, 20 years ago, long before Tinder and instant sex. The site allowed extensive info on religion, education, politics, other life situations etc (ie not just an interest in candle-lit dinners and walks on the beach). This limited responses appropriately. Best to start with emails, and if you are going to meet, make it coffee in a public place. A good person will introduce you to their own friends and relatives, which shows that they are who they say they are. The ordinary sites cover so many people, you virtually self select what you are looking for.
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I’ve never heard of one. I did a cursory search of this site and didn’t find any mention. Some people mentioned Facebook. Online dating can be sketchy and you might wind up with more stress than you have now. Support groups may offer opportunities. Friends of friends, church groups, etc. good luck. Loneliness is a big, hard to deal with part of caregiving.
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